Curly Ponytail Extensions: 9 Things To Know

by Anu Ajayi-Obe on March 22, 2020

At To All my Black Girls, we specialise in natural hair extensions. This includes our Kinky Coarse Drawstring Ponytail. If you're considering investing in one, here are 9 things you should know about curly ponytail extensions.


1. Patience Is Key

                curly ponytail extensions detangle      

Natural hair textures require more time and patience than straight hair. Therefore, in order to maintain the hair effectively and maintain it correctly in its lifetime, you'll need to invest time and patience on it. The more of this you do to your hair, the greater the return of healthy hair you'll see. Harshly brushing the hair can lead to damaging its curl texture. Instead, to detangle, use a wide-tooth comb or finger detangle.


2. Acts Just Like Natural Hair


Our Kinky Coarse Drawstring Ponytail is just like your natural hair. They are designed to blend in with your natural hair texture, so no one can tell the difference! It is secured once applied, so you won't have to worry about it once it's on! 


3. Apply Water To Detangle


Water is one of the best ways to detangle black hair textures and it's no different with curly ponytail extensions. Filling up a spray bottle with water is the easiest way to distribute water over your hair to detangle. Following this, you can detangle, moisturise and style as you desire. 


4. Cleaning Curly Ponytail Extensions


To clean your hair, we would recommend generally avoid shampooing the curly hair extensions unless it is exceptionally dirty. In the cases where you do shampoo, make sure to use sulphate free shampoo.


5. Moisturise Curly Ponytail Extensions

            moisturise curly ponytail extensions

Ensure that your hair is moisturised consistently. Extreme weather conditions can be detrimental to black hair textures. To optimise moisture in your hair, we recommend using the LCO Method (Liquid, Cream, Oil) for your natural hair care routine. This helps seal the moisture you apply with your hair care products.


6. Avoid Heat on Curly Ponytail Extensions


Just like natural hair, curly ponytail extensions are sensitive to heat. Using heat often, whether through blowdrying or hair straighteners, can damage the hair's curl pattern and over manipulate it. So it's important to regulate how often you apply heat to the hair.


7. Overnight Protection

      Silk bonnet and pillow case

When sleeping, or even napping, with the hair extensions, ensure that you have a protective silk bonnet or pillowcase, as cotton causes friction against thicker hair textures. Also, try to wrap the hair in a protective hairstyle to avoid it tangling overnight.

8. Sensitivity 


Be aware of what things can affect the quality and maintenance of the hair. For example, chlorine can reduce the quality of the hair due to the harsh chemicals. Also, if you're in a particularly harsh climate of either very cold or super hot weather, then ensure you take more precautions than you usually would, to ensure the hair is protected. For example, increasing how often you moisturise.


9. Life Span of Kinky Curls Drawstring Ponytail

              old vs new kinky curls drawstring ponytail


If you wear our Natural kinky drawstring ponytail extensions often, replacing them every 6 months is how much we would recommend. As with all things, they have a life span, so to keep them looking their best and fresh, try to replace when they looking like they're coming to the end of their days.


We hope this list of things to know about curly ponytail extensions has helped you. To purchase our Kinky Coarse Drawstring Ponytail, visit this link.


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