About us



History & Message from the Owner

To All My Black Girls started in 2016 by Anu Ajayi-Obe who opened up an online natural hair extensions company. As a consumer of hair extensions Anu knew that finding clip in hair extensions which matched her natural hair type was very challenging. Society had often failed to promote black women and their features in a positive light therefore most hair she would find would be European hair textured. Even the few companies which she eventually found were very limited in supplying a natural kinky coarse hair texture that she has. So she decided to start her own natural hair company; this was the beginning of To All My Black Girls.

The name To All My Black Girls is exactly what it says, her target market is for the African/Caribbean Female audience and she is not afraid to express that. “I personally, as a Black African woman felt it was necessary to support my race and culture especially with detrimental passed down ideologies that have stated that a black woman’s natural hair is not acceptable, loved or embraced in this modern society. Our aim is to create a community of black women who feel happy and confident about their natural beauty.”- Anu Ajayi-Obe


To all my black girls is a company born in London, UK. Our unique natural kinky clip in hair extensions are made specially to blend well with African, Caribbean and mixed hair textures. We stand by the quote “black is beauty” and want to tell you why it’s our main focus. We want people to embrace individuality as well as bringing together a community of black girls who want to adore their natural look. Our company values emphasise the self-esteem and confidence of our customers: we think you should both look and feel good in your natural beauty. Our gorgeous extensions are just the beginning of what we want to offer. With time, we aim to broaden our range in order to cater for all types of black girls.

We want black women to embrace their natural beauty. More and more black women are wearing their naturally kinky hair, with a 70% increase from 2013 to 2014. We want to encourage more girls to be a part of this growing group and guide them through whilst feeling fabulous, empowered and sexy!.

We understand that women want to embrace their natural hair but are often bombarded with many European hair companies that simply do not encourage women to do so. We understand that many products and companies give us false perceptions of what is natural. To all my black girls is not only a hair company but a movement which seeks to raise awareness of and encourage natural beauty. This is something that has been sadly lacking within our generation.

Many women want to wear their natural hair but lack length and volume. With our clip ins, you are able to work on the natural growth of your hair as well as enjoying the benefits of long and thick hair.

Black girls exist everywhere not just in Africa and the Caribbean. Therefore we want to build a community of black girls that will have exposure and recognition all over the world.

At the end of the day, Beauty is subjective and you are the only person that can define yourself. We think you're naturally beautiful and so should you.