6 Hair Extensions Myths: Debunked

by Faridah Abdulrazaq on April 11, 2024

Hair extensions have been a staple solution to many people's hair woes for years but these days they are gaining more popularity. However, with notoriety comes rumours and myths and when it comes to hair extensions, especially afro hair extensions there are many. 

But, fear not curl friends. We are more than happy to be the myth-busting police and that is exactly what we will be doing in this article. We're taking off the veil of secrecy on all things hair extensions, separating fact from fiction, and debunking some myths you may have heard flying around.

Myth 1: Microlinks Extensions Cause Breakage

Microlinks do not cause any damage or breakage to your natural hair. Microlinks are essentially hair extensions that are directly added to your real hair using microbeads so, the installation process does not require any glue or tapes to latch onto your hair. This means there is almost zero chance of damage. The only reason you may notice damage on your natural hair while wearing microlinks is if the extensions were not installed properly. This is why we recommend getting quality extensions like our kinky curly microlinks extensions and getting them installed by our in-house expert. Another mistake many people make is confusing microlinks with tape-ins which are hair extensions that are directly glued to your hair. Tape-ins can cause significant damage to your natural hair because they latch on the hair and can pull and tug on your fragile strands, causing hair breakage and tension on your scalp.


Additionally, you could also be experiencing hair breakage because of a lack of proper care. Just because you have microlinks extensions does not mean you should completely neglect your real hair. Natural hair still requires proper care, hydration, and nourishment to remain healthy—even while you have extensions.

Myth 2: Hair Extensions Irritate And Suffocate Your Scalp

Hair extensions definitely do not suffocate the scalp. Most extensions like wefts and clip-ins are attached directly to the hair so they never really come in full contact with the scalp. Wigs are another type of extension that may be commonly associated with this myth but they are not permanent and usually not worn for an extended amount of time. If your scalp feels uncomfortable while wearing hair extensions, it is likely due to the quality of the hair or maybe we're installed too tightly. 

Myth 3: Human Hair Extensions Hold Negative Spiritual Energy 

People can sometimes feel wary of the idea of wearing hair that does not come directly from their bodies. As most people like to say: “It's hair that comes from another person's head”. However. It is completely safe to wear hair extensions. If you are worried about hygiene and health, All hair extensions are always thoroughly and sanitised before they ever reach the customer. Others may even hold a superstitious belief about energies being transferred through the hair but that is also completely false as hair extensions have not been shown to ever hold any spiritual energies

Myth 4: Hair Extensions Come From Their Country Labels ( Brazilian Hair, Peruvian Hair, etc.)

This is probably one of the most common hair extension myths out there and it is being fuelled by a lack of transparency from most hair brands. When you buy a hair extension labelled Brazilian hair or Peruvian hair, most people assume this means that the hair originated from the country attached to the label. However, that is not true at all. Most hair extensions on the market are sourced from Asian countries like India or Vietnam as most of these countries have a culture of cutting their hair for religious reasons or financial reasons. 

Once sourced, these hair extensions go through processing factories that are responsible for sorting through the pile to put together the highest quality hair strands to be packaged and sold across the world. This is why there are different grades of hair quality within the hair extension industry. Some extensions are low-quality hairs often made from pieces of hair gotten from the floors at salons or even mixed with synthetic hair.  

No matter what the label on your hair extensions says, always keep in mind that your hair most likely did not come from Brazil or Peru and that does not diminish its quality in any way. As long as you get your hair extension from a reputable brand like To All My Black Girls you can be sure you're getting the best.

Myth 5: Natural Hair Extensions Are Difficult To Maintain 

Contrary to popular belief, this myth is absolutely not true. Natural hair extensions are designed to save you the hassle of dealing with your real hair when you don't feel like it so why would they be difficult to maintain? 

All you need to maintain your hair extensions is a proper detangling, storage, and moisture routine. These three basic steps can be seamlessly incorporated into your regular hair routines and the best part is, you don't even have to do them every day. All you need to do is comb or brush your hair before you wear it, apply a little bit of leave-in conditioner when needed and wash it every few months. 

Many people also often assume that natural hair extensions shed and tangle very easily, but this is also not true. If the extensions are properly cared for and made from quality hairs like those on our natural hair wigs, clip-ins, and wefts, there will be no excess shedding and definitely no tangles.

Myth 6: You Can Not Shampoo Natural Hair Extensions

While this “myth” may be true for certain types of synthetic hair extensions, it is definitely not true for human hair extensions. You can wash and condition your hair extensions without causing any damage. In fact, doing so will help them last longer as the buildup of dirt and product can leave the hair matted and frizzy. However, following the proper steps when shampooing is key to avoiding damage to your hair extensions. Before shampooing, it is very important to properly detangle the hair first as washing tangled hair can lead to further matting and damage.

Hair extensions are a big investment financially and emotionally, which is why we believe it is important to always have the right information about them. With some of the myths we have Debunked in this post, we hope you will be more comfortable rocking your extensions. What do you think, did we cover all the myths? Which other wild hair extensions rumours have you heard?



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