The Complete Guide To Choosing Hair Extensions For Afro Black Hair

by To All My Black Girls on April 06, 2024

Whether you have natural hair or not, wearing hair extensions on your hair can offer a lot of benefits. But, if you are after a texture that matches your real hair and looks natural, it can be confusing knowing the right hair extension to choose.

To save you the hassle and headache, we'll be discussing how to choose the right hair extensions for your afro hair. 

Things To Consider Before Choosing Hair Extensions 

  • Lifestyle 
  • When choosing your hair extensions, it is very important to go for something that suits your lifestyle. For example, someone with a busy schedule may prefer something very easy to install or a hair extension that can last several weeks without maintenance. Meanwhile, if you live a very active lifestyle may want an extension that can easily be removed and re-installed so you can wash your natural hair as often as you like.

  • Hair types
  • Your hair type is also another factor to consider when getting hair extensions. Those with thick hair may simply want extensions that add length to their hair while people with fine or damaged hair may prefer to keep all their hair completely covered under a wig.

  • Hair texture
  • If you are particular about maintaining a very natural look when wearing hair extensions, then you need to get something that matches your hair texture. Afro hair is very diverse and comes in different textures but the three main hair types include 3a/3b( loose ringlet curls), 3c/4a ( tight curls), and 3b/4c( tight coils and kink). When choosing your hair extensions, look at your natural hair and determine which of these groups it belongs to.

  • Synthetic vs Human Hair
  • Afro hair extensions can be made from human hair or synthetic fibres. Before making a purchase, think about which of these two choices best suits your needs. Synthetic hair extensions are generally less expensive but they do not last long and can not be manipulated too much. Human hair extensions on the other hand are better quality and can be washed, heat styled, and even colored. They also last longer.

  • Longevity 
  • The longevity of your hair extension is also another thing to consider. Do you want something that will last several weeks after one installation or are you looking for an extension that can easily be removed and re-installed whenever you like?

  • Costs
  • There are a few different types of afro hair extensions on the market these days, each with different prices. As with any purchase, you must decide which extension is within your budget as some are on the high end of the spectrum while others are much more affordable.

    Types of hair extensions 

    Clips-ins and Ponytails

    Clip-ins are hair extensions attached to small metal clips, allowing them to be easily clipped into your hair. They are great when you want to add volume and length to the hair without making too much of a big change.

    Ponytails are another similar type of extension that is simply attached to the hair to add more length. As the name implies ponytail extensions are added to the ends of the hair when making ponytail hairstyles. 


    Wefts are bundles of hair strands sewn on a thin piece of cloth. They are generally used for making sew-in weaves 


    We all know what a wig is but did you know there are several different types of wigs? Some of them include lace fronts, closures, headband wigs, and u-part wigs.


    Microlinks are hair extensions that are added to the hair using microbeads and tubes, exposing most of the hair and creating a more natural look. Microlinks are designed to blend in with your real hair and can last up to 3 months.

    Best Hair Extensions For Afro Natural Hair

    Now let's look at the best afro-textured extensions that will suit different groups of people.

    Easy Installation: if you are new to using extensions and want something super easy to handle, go for our Clips-ins and drawstring ponytails. They are so easy to put on and are perfect for when you are in a rush.

    Our Headband Wigs are another great option if you fall in this category but want to keep all your hair covered.

    Long-lasting: if you do not want to deal with the hassle of styling your hair for at least 2-3 months. Choose our Kinky Curly Wefts and Microlinks Extensions.

    Intricate Styling: Lace wigs and U-part wigs are a great choice for when you want something that fully covers your hair. They require a little more finesse and expertise during installation so only go for them if you have at least intermediate experience with wig installation or if you don't mind paying a professional stylist to get them installed.

    Natural Look: if you want your hair extension to match the texture of your natural hair, then you need to choose based on your curl type. If you have 3a/3c curls, go for our Brazilian Curls. 3c/4a girlies will get the best match with our Kinky Curls while 4b/3c queens are best suited to our Kinky Coarse Extensions.

    Additionally, if you have permed or relaxed hair, go for our Kinky Straight Extensions. This texture is also great whenever you want to rock that stretched blow-out look without actually touching your real hair.

    Finding the right hair extensions to suit your style, lifestyle and hair texture is crucial to enjoying the experience of wearing them. Whether you want something that blends seamlessly with your natural hair, something easy to install or you are looking to switch up your look with a different texture, with all the details we have covered in this article, we are sure that choosing your next hair extension will be a smooth and easy process. All you need now is to maintain the hair to help it last longer.



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