10 Reasons You Should Try Natural Hair Clip-In Extensions

by Yinka Daniels on March 31, 2018

1. Quick to install (5 min)

No more 2-24 hour hair do's. Now you can do it by yourself straight from home in 5 minutes or less. 

2. Looks natural

Its very natural looking, in fact people think its your real hair! They cant tell the difference! It blends in seamlessly. 

3. You can claim its all yours because your real hair is still there

We all like to tell a little white lie once in a while. It doesn't harm anyone really does it? Claim its yours all you want and to be honest half of it is, so who cares!

4. Can still maintain natural hair

Good news! Your hair no longer needs to get damaged or dirty under all that weave. With Clip Ins you can still work towards your hairs goals length and maintain your actual hair.  

5. Endless Variety

Now you can wear clip ins, in all different styles suitable for your hair type. So you no longer have to straighten your hair vigorously just to blend in with the hair. Now the hair can blend in with yours.

6. Gives you the length and thickness you crave from your natural hair.

Want instant growth and length?  Clip Ins are for you !

7. Its Temporary

You don't need to commit to them for 2 months. Just clip them in and out as often as you wish.

8. They last longer  

Because they aren't constantly in your hair it means you can look after them better and therefore they last longer.

9. Comfortable and secure with no damage to your own hair

Once they are on, you'll forget your wearing them! They are super comfortable and just feel like your natural hair and at the end of the day, your hair doesn't break.

10. Because you were born with African hair!

Natural Kinky  Clip ins allow you to embrace your culture and roots. Why don't we leave European hair styles and embrace our own!



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