by To All My Black Girls on June 19, 2022

For a while now since we've released our Kinky Micro Links, we've been receiving quite a few questions regarding them. Are they good for natural hair? How are they installed? Will it damage my hair? and many more questions. 

Today we are going to be answering all of your frequently asked questions to better help you decide whether Micro Links are the one for you.

Let's begin!!

Q= Question 

A= Answer

Q: Can you get Micro Links with curly hair?

A: Yes you can. The market of micro inks has grown so much over the years that there is one for every hair type.

Q: Are Micro Links good for 4c hair? 

A: Yes. They totally can be done on 4c hair. Matching the micro links with your hair texture is important. We would recommend that you install on stretched hair especially if you have a load of shrinkage.

Q: How do you install kinky curly Micro Links?

A: Micro links strands are attached to tiny pieces of your hair using metal or in some cases silicone beads. It is then clamped shut to hold the extensions and your hair together. You can watch here a video of our micro links being preped installed.

Q: How long do Micro Links last?

A: Micro links last about 4-6 weeks before having to be retightened. Typically before having to be removed, they can last anywhere between 10-12 weeks as we would recommend. This of course will depend on your maintenance throughout the weeks.

Q: How many Micro Links do you need for a full head?

A: Each of our bundles have 100 pieces. We recommend 2 bundles for a full head.

Q: How much does it cost install Micro Links?

A: £150 in our salon at TW13 6DH

Q: Are Micro Links better than sew- ins?

A: Micro links are more versatile than sew-ins when it comes to styling. We are aware that micro links are not for everyone. Whereas some sew-ins require the us of heat, micro links don't require heat especially if you pick the texture which blends with your hair.

Q: Can I wash my hair with Micro Links?

A: Yes you can. Focus the shampoo on the roots of your hair and gently massaging between the micro links. We would recommend diluting the shampoo with some water before apply to your hair. There would be no need to add shampoo to the mid length and ends of your hair as the shampoo will reach as you rinse. Please do not rub the hair to avoid any tangles.

Q: How long does it take to install Micro Links?

A: They take anywhere between 2-3 hours to install. This may vary depending on the stylist and how much hair is being installed.

Q: Can you straighten curly Micro Links?

A: Yes. Our hair is 100% quality virgin hair. Just make sure the hair is throughly detangled and use some heat protectant to avoid damaging the curls and your own hair.

Q: Can Micro Links be reused?

A: Yes. Only the extensions can but not the micro-bead.

Q: Why are my Micro Link Extensions falling out?

A: Chances are that the stylist did not use enough of your hair in the micro bead. This can cause the hair extension not to hold causing the hair to slip through the bead.

Q: Are Micro Links good for thin hair?

A: Yes and no. We say no if you have supper thin hair and suffer from anything like alopecia and or your hair is falling out, we would not recommend them. The reason for this is because the extensions are applied strand by strand on your hair which can cause some tension to your scalp if already weak once it's clamped which can cause damage to your hair shaft. We would say yes if your hair shafts are strong and you just want to add volume and have fuller hair.

Q: How do you remove Micro Links?

A: We do highly recommend that micro links are removed by a professional. For removal, there are a couple of tools used such as a rat tail comb, hair clips and hair pilers. Always start from the bottom up and sectioning row by row sectioning it off using hair clips. The pliers are used to pop the bead open so it’s no longer crimped and pressed into the hair. Pressure is applied on the bead until it pops back into a round shape. Once the bead changes shape, hold the root of your hair before sliding out the extension from the bead. 

Q: How can I hide my extensions when I put my hair up?

A: The stylist will start by sectioning off 1½ to 2 inches around the perimeter of hair that will be left out just like a leave-out to cover the micro links. This will allow your micro links to be pulled into a ponytail without the micro links being detected. After they will then part a horizontal line above the leave out near the nape to create a sectioned row of hair to install the micro links from left to right.

Q: How many bundles are used for Micro Links?

A: One bundle which has 100 pieces could be enough if your hair is very full. However, for most people, we recommend you go for at least two bundles for a full look if you are lacking volume. For lengths over 20", 3 bundles may be required if your natural hair is considerably shorter.

We hope we've answers most of your questions as best as we could. Look out for our other blog post all to do with Micro links and you can purchase some and even book an appointment here.



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