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Kinky Coarse Clip Ins
Kinky Coarse Clip Ins
Kinky Coarse Clip Ins
Kinky Coarse Clip Ins
Kinky Coarse Clip Ins
Kinky Coarse Clip Ins
Kinky Coarse Clip Ins
Kinky Coarse Clip Ins
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Kinky Coarse Clip Ins

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Thick, textured and soft, the Kinky Coarse blends well whilst adding volume. The 100% natural human hair is so adaptable: it suits your needs for length, fullness and texture. It blends realistically with many afro-hair types because of its low level of lustre. Like the rest of the Kinky Collection, the hair can be dyed and put heat on. The Kinky Coarse is perfect for 4a-4c hair. Model wears 2 bundles. (14 and 18 inch/200g). Hair has been brushed out slightly to achieve this look.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What texture should I get?

Kinky straight(less)- Best for chemically treated, relaxed or permed hair. Also great for a straight blow out Afro hair.

 Kinky Curls (medium)- This texture is perfect for a woman with type 3c-4a hair. The curls are looser than the coarse but perfect for manipulating into different styles. This is our most versatile texture. 

Kinky Coarse(more)-  The curls are tight and suitable for 4a-4c hair types. The hair is Low maintenance and mimics Afro textured hair when brushed out.

Don't worry if your hair doesn't match the clip ins precisely because you can use heat tools or twist outs to match your hair perfectly. Please purchase our hair samples if you are unsure of which curl pattern will blend with your hair best.

Q: How many bundles of Clip Ins should I get?

Each set comes with one bundle equating to 100g in total. This could be enough if your hair is very full and the clip ins you are after reaches the same length as your natural hair. However, for most people, we always recommend you go for at least two bundles equating to 200g for a full look particularly if you are lacking volume. Just add two bundles to your cart!

Q: Can I dye/ put heat on the hair?

Yes, you can, it's 100 % human hair. It's fine to straighten and curl the hair. Although we do not recommend doing such with our kinky coarse texture as you can permanently destroy the curl pattern. Please note just like any hair, too much manipulation can cause damage. Bleaching the hair can cause the hair to weaken and change its curl pattern. If you must change the colour, use hair dye not bleach or seek professional assistance.

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