by Elizabeth Soremi on December 08, 2021

We hope 2022 has more exciting stuff in store for us all indeed because we sure do need it.

As you know, the new year is usually the year where most set out new goals. We know that for many ladies, your 2021 goal was to grow your hair or to have it healthier overall but with everything that went on maybe you forgot all about it.

We've put together a winter hair essentials guide that will help you achieve your goals.


1. Protective Styling

This is an essential part of healthy hair care, especially in colder months, it protects your hair from the harsh weather from damage and often breakage. Protective styles help to keep hair healthy and allow you to see noticeable hair growth. They can be done with your own natural hair or with extensions. Take a look at some of our Wigs.



2. Bonnets & Headwraps

Bonnets, headwraps and even silk/satin pillowcases and scarfs are essential for many reasons. They prevent dryness, minimise frizz, prevent tangles and protect your edges and ends.

Headwraps are also a great way to protect your hair and rock your dodo plaits, cornrows or twists. Check out our Bonnets & Headwraps.




Choosing the correct hair tools and accessories are just as important as the other essentials. Wrong tools and accessories can lead to breakage resulting in less hair growth retention. Here are a few we recommend:

Scalp Massagers - Great for promoting hair growth.

Satin Crunchies - Less harsh on your hair and prevent breakage. It is available on our site along with our bonnets.

Wide Tooth Combs - Good for setting hair and removing large knots.

Detangling Brush - Less damaging and time when detangling. This brush is available on our site.



We hope you learnt a thing or two from this. One last thing we must not forget, MOISTURISE!!  



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