10 Beautiful Ponytail Styles To Try This Summer

by To All My Black Girls on June 28, 2024

A ponytail is undoubtedly the queen of easy low maintenance hairstyles. This sleek and classy look can take you from basic to chic and stylish with barely any effort, especially if you have natural hair. But, it can get boring real quick if you only stick with one look.

Luckily, there are so many different ways you can rock a ponytail and in this article, we've put together some seriously stunning styles you can try. Read ahead to find your next ponytail look.

Are Ponytails Good For Natural Hair?

Ponytails are a wonderful and convenient hairstyle for natural hair since they require very little manipulation. However, it is important to do them correctly to preserve the health of your hair. Making your ponytail too tight and taut can put a lot of tension on the delicate hair strands around your edges. Over time, this weakens the hair around the edges and can lead to hair loss. So, it is extremely important to make sure your ponytails are not styled too tightly.

How Do You Prepare Natural Hair For A Ponytail?

To prepare your natural hair for a ponytail, it is very important to start on freshly cleaned hair if you want the best results. After shampooing your hair, follow up with a conditioner or deep conditioner to smoothen your strands and infuse your hair with moisture. Be sure to detangle your hair with a before rinsing off the conditioner. Then dry your hair with a microfiber towel and apply some leave-conditioner before proceeding to style your hair. 

When styling your ponytail, make your desired part and then apply some hair mousse or gel to help smooth down your hair and prevent any flyaways. Then secure all of your hair in a ponytail using hair ties. 

Can You Do A Ponytail On Short Natural Hair?

As long as your hair is at least 4-5 inches long, you can absolutely do a ponytail on your short hair. The secret to pulling this off is using hair extensions that match your natural texture on the ends of your ponytail. That way no one will notice you had a little help around your ends. Our line of drawstring ponytail extensions is the perfect choice for anyone with short hair as there are different textures available to suit everyone.

How Do You Make Thin Hair Full In A Ponytail?

If you have thin hair and your ponytails look a little flay, the best way to add volume is to incorporate some clip-in extensions into your ponytail or put real hair in a bun and attach any of our drawstring ponytail hair extensions to the ends of your hair. This will help you achieve the full voluminous look you want without any hassles.

10 Beautiful Ponytail Styles For Natural Hair

1. Afro Puff

2. High Ponytail

3. Single Braided Ponytail 


4. Bubble Braids Ponytail


5. Rubber Banded Ponytail


6. Low Sleek Ponytail


7. Half-Up Half-Down


8. Flat Twists Ponytail


9. Heart Braids Ponytail


10. Swoop Ponytail




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