by Deborah Mayisa on March 08, 2021

In the UK, March 14th is the day we celebrate all mothers. Their hard work and the sacrifices they've done for us. It's great that we have this day but we must not also forget the fact that Black women are five times more likely to die from childbirth or pregnancy in the UK. This is very alarming!

Systemic racism today is also in the healthcare system, Black women are fighting to be heard and believed when they say they're in pain or concerned about their health and that of the baby. They’re fighting for their lives.


Candice Brathwaite, author, journalist, TV presenter,
 founder of Make Motherhood Diverse and a victim of systemic racism during child birth

Candice Brathwaite believes she was the victim when she gave birth to her daughter.

She was treated differently compared to mothers who were in the same position as her but of different race. The expectant white mothers "seemed to be listened to in more depth and with a sense of empathy" - with her it was different.

When she told staff she felt worse than she should after a Caesarean, she felt her concerns weren't listened to, something she thinks could be down to racial bias within the NHS.

Black women often seem to be overreacting or lying until things get serious in the eyes of some medical staff.

Candice says,

"Health trusts need to admit there is racial bias. There needs to be better training so people can say 'am I responding to this person differently and why is that?'"


Black women must share their stories to bring more awareness and conversations surrounding this. This way more Black women come forward and something can be done.

Have you ever gone through this experience?

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