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  • Thick, textured and soft, the Kinky Coarse blends well whilst adding volume. The 100% natural human hair is so adaptable: it suits your needs for length, fullness and texture. It blends realistically with many afro-hair types because of its low level of lustre. Like the rest of the Kinky Collection, the hair can be dyed and put heat on. The Kinky Coarse is perfect for 4a-4c hair. Model wears 2 bundles. (14 and 18 inch/200g). Hair has been brushed out slightly to achieve this look.


    • Your Bundle/(s) 100g per bundle- We recommend you at least 2 bundles if not 3 for maximum fullness. 
    • 100% Virgin hair (you can dye and put heat on it)
    • Natural colour 1b
    • 1 x 5 clips, 1x 4 clips, 1 x 3 clips, 2 x 2 clips (each bundle)
    • X2 Spare clips
    • A detailed care manual to guide you through
    • Double drawn wefts
    • Free premium box for safe storage
    • Please note: Hair experiences shrinkage! Once hair has been washed it will gain additional length whilst still remaining its curls.

    Straight Length 12" 14" 16" 18" 20" 22" 24"
    Actual Length In
    Kinky State
    6" 6.5" 7" 8" 9"-10" 11"-12" 11"-12"

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  • To Guarantee our Premium Quality we offer Returns within 7 days of delivery. It is recommended you purchase our sample hair first so that you can find out which hair best matches yours. Email us at info@toallmyblackgirls.com if you have any problems and we will try our best to solve any issues you may encounter.

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Lorraine K.
United Kingdom

***** course

Amazing!!!! They blend with my hair perfectly :)

Lorraine K. verified customer review of Kinky Coarse Clip Ins
Victoria L.
United Kingdom

Love the extra volume that it created

My hair is already very full, but for some extra volume I added one strip of the clip in ***** extensions and loved the extra volume that it created. Will defo be using again

Victoria L. verified customer review of Kinky Coarse Clip InsVictoria L. verified customer review of Kinky Coarse Clip Ins
Kachaan E.
United Kingdom

Thanks for your great service & product

Thanks for your great service between ordering and receiving my clip ins. E.g. checking several times about the product, speedy delivery etc. It did take several days for them to start getting to the texture/blending the way I would like. But not too surprised as I’ve used clip ins for a while. Although, these curls were quite tight to separate. But I definitely am enjoying using them. You can see me wearing them in the pics below. You are welcome to make use of these pics for promotional purposes. Enjoy the rest of your week! Kachaan

Kachaan E. verified customer review of Kinky Coarse Clip Ins

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FAQ - Product

What Texture should I get?

It depends on the curl pattern of your hair or the one you prefer.

Don't worry if your hair doesn't match the clip ins precisely because you can use heat tools or twist outs to match your hair perfectly. 

Please purchase our hair samples if you are unsure of which curl pattern will blend with your hair best.


Why is my payment not going through?

  1. Your shipping address needs to be exactly the same as your billing address, no exceptions.
  2. Is your security code correct (The three digit code on the back of the card)
  3. Is the card yours? If not you need to ship to the card owners address and name.

Note: If you have just moved. It can take a few days for your bank records to reflect this 
Any further questions please contact us.


How do you wash the clip ins?

Make sure you wash the clip ins immediately after they arrive. It's best to wash them in two sections so it's a faster processes rather than washing them individually. Also make sure you wash them in a downwards direction and not rubbing them together otherwise they will tangle.  It is important you wash the actual clips itself as they are likely to be the dirtiest because it's been in your hair.

How many packs should I get?

Each set comes with one bundle equating to 100g in total. However, we always recommend you go for at-least two bundles equating to 200g for a fuller look. Just add two bundles to your cart!

Can I sleep with the clip ins on? 

Yes you can however, we recommend you take it out before going to bed to extend the life span of the hair. If you chose to sleep with them, make sure you wrap your hair with a silk based head scarf and loosen the clips to avoid tugging. 

How often should I wash the hair? 

It depends on how often you wear the hair. If you wear it every day then you should wash it at-least once every week. If you wear it less than that then every two weeks is fine. Do not leave dirt to pile up once you notice it's getting dirty wash it!

Which products can i use with this hair? 

Any natural oil, argan oil, olive oil, coconut oil etc but it is recommended you only use a minimal amount so the hair doesn't become greasy and weigh down. Also it is best to apply product to the hair once the hair is completely dry. Hair is very low maintenance so wouldn't suggest you add too many products on it. Just as you use products for your natural hair, you can use the same to apply onto the hair extensions. It is good to also deep condition the hair once every month to keep the softness.

Do i use my African hair products on the hair? 

Yes you can use African hair products as you would for your natural hair. You can also use products you normally use for your weaves. Any hair product works well with this hair. It is recommended you do not put too much product on the hair because it will weigh the hair down.

Can i dye or put heat to the hair? 

Yes you can, its 100 % human hair. It's fine to straighten and curl the hair. However please note just like any hair, too much manipulation can cause damage. Bleaching the hair can cause the hair to weaken and change its curl pattern. It is recommended to keep the hair in its natural state so it extends its life.

How long do they last? 

They can last anywhere between 6 months and a year depending on how often you use and maintain it. We recommend you purchase a weft sealer to keep shedding at a minimal.